The Road to a New Opportunity with Cypress Hospitality Group

Below are the typical steps a candidate can expect when working with this site and when presented with an opportunity via CHG.

Using our website/searching active postings ~ New opportunities are posted daily.

Resume submission ~ Info must be complete, up-to-date and accurate. Once you submit the resume and there is a position that matches your skill and experience you will be contacted by an Account Executive (AE). Your AE is your "counselor" and he/she will try to learn everything possible about you. A 180 degree honest & direct relationship is crtically important throughout the entire interview process. Standard questions at this step are the annual gross sales volume you have been associate with as manager, the total number of employees you have supervised in the past, the extent of your financial knowledge (P& L, budget, recipe costing...) as well as your compensation requirement (salary, bonus, commissions...).

Confidentiality and communication ~ We assure you that your resume and any other information provided by you to CHG will not be introduced to any of your client company(ies) until you have had a chance to review the opportunity, are aware of the client and give us permission to present you. The importance to stay in touch and communicate with your AE cannot be overemphasized. If you, the candidate, are contacted directly by any employee of our client, please let your AE know so he/she can effectively monitor the progress. Often times, we may need just 2 minutes of your time to answer 1 of 2 simple, but necessary, questions from our client. Therefore, if we leave you a message, it is critically important that you call the AE back immediately. The sooner we can speak with you , the quicker the entire process will go and the sooner you can get an offer. It can be that simple.

Professional references and the background check ~ Our clients conduct professional references and 7-10 year background checks (criminal, credit and/orDMV) on all candidates presented. It is extremely important that you let your AE know in advance if there is anything potentially questionable in your background. Complete and utter disclosure needs to happen sooner, as opposed to later, with these matters. Have you left all of your prior employers on good terms? If not, why? If we are made aware of it in advance, the issue, often times, can be explained away. However, if the client is unaware until the report/reference comes back, the process could very well, terminate at this stage.

Client Introduction ~ We will let you know when we present your resume to the client. Every search we conduct on behalf of our client companies is customized. Therefore, there is no absolute and definitive process that is set in stone. The process averages about 3 weeks from the time we present you until an offer is made. During this time, there is usually a phone screen, face to face interviews, unit visit, background and reference checks and offer. If at anytime throughout the process, your status changes (your schedule/availability changes, death in the family, illness...), please let us know so we can make the necessary adjustments

The offer/counter offer/salary negotiation ~ If you are made an offer and it is lower than what you had expected; we will assist with your negotiation within the boundaries of the opportunity. It should be noted that each and every placement is unique so, often times, our involvement can be modified. Be extremely wary of counter offers from your current employer ~ a recent Wall Street Journal article indicated that greater than two-thirds of all employees who accept a counter offer will separate from that same employer within 12 months. When accepting a position, please let the AE know what the salary was and what your start date will be. We need these 2 pieces of information for our files.

The Pass ~ Sometimes it is just not a fit. We will tell you, if and when, the client decides not to pursue you any further. We will then begin a new search.

The start date and beyond ~ Hopefully our relationship will not end once you are hired. We can help you find managers if you are in hiring capacity or we can assist your friends/associates with their search. We typically prefer not to counsel if there are problems with the new position. Employment concerns should be between you and your employers' human resources department.

Referrals ~ And... if you like our services, we hope you will let your friends in the business know about us.