The Road to a New Opportunity with Cypress Hospitality Group

You've put together your basic resume, a great first step in landing your next job. Now get the results you're hoping for -plenty of attention from employers - by making sure your resume attracts the attention it deserves!

Stand out from the crowd with these 5 tips from Cypress Hospitality Group:

1. Use Active Language
Choose words that convey action, place verbs at the beginning of sentences, and avoid passive language.
2. Include Accomplishments
Grab employers' attention by including your major accomplishments under each job description, not just a list of duties.
3. Customize Your Resume for Each Position
Identify the skills, experience and requirements each employer is looking for, and include them in your resume
where applicable.
4. Write a Clear, Concise Objective
Target your objective statement to the specific position you're applying by pointing out how your skills meet the requirements of the job. Avoid flowery, vague or overused language.
5. Take a Bold Approach
Attract employers' attention with a great cover letter expressing your enthusiasm and professionalism.