The Truth about the "Counter Offer"

A recent Wall Street Journal article stated that greater than two-thirds of employees who accept a counter offer will separate from that same employer within 12 months.

No matter what the circumstances are when an employer is forced to make a counter-offer, the employee who stays will always be questioned in terms of loyalty. He/she is no longer considered to be a team player and will usually be the first to go. Counter-offers are crisis avoidance measures and stall devices to give the employer time to find a suitable replacement. An applicant's reasons for wanting to leave an employer are still existent; just a bit more tolerable because of a raise (or whatever. Reputable companies don't make counter-offers. EVER! Their policies are fair and equitable and they will not subject themselves to blackmail. Bosses hate to lose people to a better offer, so they make a counter offer to buy time so that they may dismiss the employee on their own terms. Counter-offers are made only because of a threat to quit.