This software was developed specifically for restaurants to promote fiscal responsibility with measurable results. Fobesoft is a Proactive tool to prevent you from being Re-Active. It will identify challenges in real time and assist in rectifying those problems immediately. This tool increases productivity through key cost controls and a full scope business plan.

Who this will help?

Restaurant Owners: Fobesoft is a continuous education tool promoting an entrepreneurial spirit. Seasoned leaders will easily identify control challenges and can make corrections as soon as these issues appear. You can easily recognize performance with Prime Costs, Expanded GL, and Fixed Costs. This will drive top-line numbers and is the best way to drive your profit.

Managers: Fobesoft will help managers take on more responsibility and accountability. It will assist them in making sound decisions everyday! They also learn the “big picture” perspective which will help them operate like proven professionals. Managers will learn to utilize this tool to lead the team to profit.

What are the advantages and benefits?

  • Generates a daily P&L to share real-time data and allows you to make decisions based on accurate numbers
  • Ease of use which will be effective for all levels of leaders with tools such as the dashboard and the daily log
  • Control of your business from any location
  • Managers will be more accountable for the business on daily basis
  • Managers will have more time to concentrate on guest service
  • All of this benefits will drive increased profits

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