History and Background

Geordy Murphy, owner of Cypress Hospitality Group, is the premier consultant for the hospitality industry. He is a renowned chef and restaurateur who has worked with such industry leaders as Wolfgang Puck and the Kimpton Group. He has spent his entire career in the hospitality industry so he has extensive experience and can add invaluable insight to any project. He has opened over thirty restaurants.


Below is a general list of services that Geordy can provide to clients. These services can be 100% customizable depending on the client’s needs.


  • Assist in the overall definition of the concept
  • Identify the graphics company that will design the logo and development of a trademark to be identified as the company look/identity
  • Identify an architect and designer to develop the “look and feel” of the restaurant
  • Collaborate on the design development and flow of the restaurants
  • Identify a consultant chef and collaborate with them to develop the menu and recipe development

Recruitment/Executive Search

  • Assist in the overall definition of the concept
  • Assist with developing a plan with the GM and Executive Chef to train staff

Real Estate

  • Collaborate on the budgeting and forecasting
  • Identify an outside accounting company that specializes in restaurant accounting and collaborate with them to obtain the reports that the restaurants and investors need

Construction/Project Management

  • Assist with the construction budget
  • Obtain competitive bids and identify the correct contractor firm
  • Create a timeline for the opening of initial restaurant
  • Monitor the construction process

Please note -Client will be responsible for all reasonable travel expenses related to the project


  • Long Life Noodle company – six units
  • Peach Fuzz
  • Restaurant/Winery/Live Music venue Concept in Boston
  • Shanghai 1930’s
  • BEL 50 – gourmet waffle sandwich concept
  • Pecan - Gourmet Southern food concept (Oakland, CA)