When it comes to the Hospitality Industry, nobody has deeper roots than Cypress Hospitality Group. Why? Because nobody else has the experience of Geordy Murphy, our founder.

For more than twenty years, starting in 1979, Geordy's singular passion was imagining, creating, building and operating some of the most talked about hotels, restaurants and resorts across the country. Spend thirty seconds with his resumé and you'll see that those passions culminated into incredible successes time and time again. You'll also begin to understand why the biggest names in the business—like Wolfgang Puck, Bradley Ogden David Bouley, and Russell Siu — sought out Geordy for their most important projects.

In 1993 -1994, Geordy’s namesake restaurant Geordy’s was named one of the “top 10 best new restaurants” in the country by Esquire Magazine.

In 1999, Longlife Noodle Company was named one of the “5 hottest concepts” in the country by Chain Leader Magazine.

But then, in 2001, Geordy had an epiphany. He loved the business, and saw that the finest hotels, restaurants and resorts—including his own—were in a never ending struggle to uncover and retain amazing, talented leaders from the unit to the executive level. So Geordy found his NEW passion, and Cypress Hospitality Group was born.

Today, the biggest names in the business still call. In fact, they call more than ever. Why? Because they know Geordy—and the entire, professional and experienced staff at Cypress Hospitality—will source the ideal candidate, right now, who can jump on-board and have an immediate impact on a new project or an existing operation.

And while none of them might agree on everything, they all agree on one thing: Cypress Hospitality Group is the one place they call. Because it's the one place that has Geordy, and the roots he's been growing for over thirty years.